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Field Status

Winter 2019 Indoor Skills Clinics for Grade 4 through HS players

We're excited to announce the times and dates for the WYSA Winter Footskills Clinics for Grade 4 through High School age players. These sessions are going to be run by Miles Alden-Dunn and his Proformance Academy staff (same group that was with us last winter) and are a great opportunity for your players to develop the footskills needed for the next level. Registration will be open via the Registration tab on the www.walpolesoccer.org website shortly. Space is limited...


- Cost $150/player for 8 sessions

Winter 2019 Indoor Skills Clinics for Kindergarten through Grade 3 players

We're excited to announce the times and dates for the WYSA Winter Footskills Clinics for Kindergarten through Grade 3 players. These sessions are going to be run by a Steel coach (same group that's been with us this Fall) and are a great opportunity for your children to further develop their footskills in a fun environment. We're working on getting everything set-up in our registration system but we wanted to let you know the dates so you can start planning.


- Cost $150/player for 8 sessions

Spring 2020 Grade 3 Limited Travel League program

Weekly Games

Spring 2020 program for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade players - tentative times

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade players will play Sunday afternoons at our Mylod Field complex, with additional midweek evening practices at Stone Field. The program is expected to start in early-to-mid April and run until mid June - skipping April 12th (Easter) and May 24th (Memorial Day w/e).

Summer 2020 High School Preseason Fitness Camps

High School Girls & Boys Soccer Players and Families

Summer 2020 Youth Soccer Camp Aug 17th - 21st at Mylod Fields

Week of August 17th thru 21st 2020 at Mylod Fields. The Camp is run by former English Premier League player (and current NEFC Director of Coaching) Nick Burke and his staff of pro coaches. The format this year will incorporate more creative finishing and attacking play for our older players, as well as the technical skills training essential to younger players. As always, it will be a fun and energetic way for your players to improve their game.

BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy - pls read all

Walpole Youth Soccer fully supports the BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy. All individuals responsible for a team, and all spectators, shall support the referee, linesmen and players. Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, the referee, and all the other participants and spectators. Click the following link to read:

No Dogs Allowed at any WYSA Fields

Just a reminder to all Walpole teams and visiting teams, that DOGS are NOT Allowed at any of our soccer fields. Coaches, Referees, Asst Coaches, Parent Managers, Parents, Players - please feel empowered to politely ask people to remove their dog from the field.

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Coaches and players: Please sign up to receive field updates via Twitter. In the upper right hand corner of our website we have a link that will allow you to Follow Walpole Soccer and receive up-to-the-minute news of field conditions in Walpole.

By signing up you can configure your Twitter account to have those Field Status updates emailed directly to you.

This is the fastest and easiest way to be notified when fields need to be closed due to unfavorable weather, saving you wasted trips to games and practices!

Recent Donations...

A big THANK YOU you to Robert Kelleher for all his volunteer hours as a WYSA coach, and for using the VERIZON Foundation “Volunteer Incentive Program” which made a donation of $750 to support the programs of Walpole Youth Soccer and the children of Walpole MA.


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