Field Status

High School Soccer

High School Soccer Players and Families
It is now time to sign up to play High School spring soccer, which will generally be on Sunday afternoons. If you want to play - please sign-up NOW. We will be registering teams on March 28th - so we need to know how many to register for. The cost is $75 per player. The season will consist of 7 games and starts on Sunday April 27, 2014. There will NOT be any games on Memorial Day Weekend. We will let you know when schedules get posted, usually it is 2 weeks before the season starts. ... Click "Read More" for additional information
Boys - We generally register 2 [sometimes more] teams based on the numbers of boys who sign up to play in the BAYS soccer league. If you play CLUB soccer - you cannot play BAYS high school soccer. This is a rule at the state/MYSA level. Please let us know if you have questions.

Girls - We generally have 3 teams [sometimes 2]each spring season, depending on the number of players.

The 1st team [generally players from the Varsity team from the past fall] is usually registered in a non-BAYS/MYSA league so that CLUB players can play if they want. If you were on the Varsity team in the Fall and would like to play this spring - please let one of the captains know. Registration will not be on the WYSA website - it will be separate and you will need to give us a check before the season begins.

The 2nd team is generally the JV team from the fall and any juniors/sophomores who did not play soccer in the Fall and will play in the BAYS league.
The 3rd team is generally the Freshman team and any players who are Freshman who did not play soccer in the Fall and will play in the BAYS league.

CLUB PLAYERS - you are not able to play on the BAYS teams [2nd/3rd]. If you would like to be available as a sub for the non-BAYS team, please let us know.
Coaches - like all teams we will need volunteer coaches, so please sign up if you are interested.