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Spring 2015 BAYS Spring Travel Soccer - Boys Tryouts Nov 11th

Tryouts for the Spring 2015 Boys U10, U11, U12 and U14 Travel teams will be held at Mylod fields on Nov 11th, weather permitting, as scheduled below:

Tuesday, Nov 11th
Boys U10 (4th grade); noon-1pm
Boys U11 (5th grade); 1 - 2pm
Boys U12 (6th grade); 2 - 3pm
Boys U14 (7th & 8th grade); 3 - 4pm

All players should be registered for the Spring 2015 season by noon on November 10th. Registration (for those not already registered for the full year) will open on November 1st 2014 through the Registration link on the home page

Players wishing to play on SELECT teams MUST attend the tryouts. If your player has a conflict, please notify your coach or the Boys Travel Director Rich Mazzocca IN ADVANCE.

All players should arrive 10-15 minutes early for their session to sign in, bring their 2 tryout shirts from the June tryouts, cleats, shin pads, water bottle and a ball.

Tryouts are drop off only. Parents should return 5-10 minutes before the end of the session to pick their player up.

Full information on the tryout process is available on the website under the Programs tab, in the Tryouts section.

Select Teams Commitment
Select teams will typically be placed in the most competitive divisions in the BAYS travel league (Divisions I & II). These teams require a big commitment from parents & players; to attend 2 practices each week, every Saturday game, and likely attend tournaments each season. While WYSA understand that players have multiple sporting, family and religious commitments (and actively encourages them), the expectation for Select travel team commitment is high; that players will attend 90% of practices, 90% of games each regular season and 100% of all end-of-season MTOC tournament games. If a player is playing club soccer in the Maple or Region 1 League and will have conflicts, please let us know so that we factor that into the player's team placement.


Select Team Player Selection
Select travel team players will be selected for the upcoming season based on evaluations from their (prior season) coaches, the direct observations of the Travel Directors as well as open tryouts held with impartial, professional evaluators, augmented by parent coaches (without their own players in the same age group). The players will be evaluated based on soccer skills, athletic aptitude and commitment.

Placement on a Select travel team in any previous season does not guarantee placement on the same team for Spring, as player performance, attendance at practices & games, attitude and work ethic, as well as the number of players available to play, will determine placement for future seasons.

All players will have an equal opportunity to compete; undue preference will not be given to players already on a travel team. In some cases, this will mean dropping a current player from one travel team to a lower ranked travel team. This is never easy to do, but we will be fair to new players trying to get into the program.

Parents and players should understand that:
* Each Head and Assistant Coach is asked by the Travel Director to complete an objective evaluation form for each player on the team.
* The two major sources of information used by the Travel Directors to help make team assignments are the coach's evaluations and the spring tryouts. Of these considerably more emphasis is given to the evaluations as they reflect a season long review of each player.
* Team assignments are made with the best interests of players and teams in mind.
* Player assessment will be conducted as fairly as possible.
* Every effort will be made to see that teams are not exclusionary over time and that team assignments reflect an evaluation of each player's current skills and commitment.
* A player's individual success and development results in large part from how the player interacts with the team to which he/she is assigned, not on which team.
* As a parent, you should be supportive of your child and her/his enthusiasm for the sport of soccer regardless of the team assignment.


Who Manages the Select Team Player Selection Process?
The Boys and Girls Travel Directors are tasked with managing the selection process in a system designed to eliminate as much coach and parent bias as possible. This individual collects the player evaluation forms, holds tryouts, reviews prior coach’s ratings and determines the rosters for Select teams. They also run a meeting with the coaches from the particular age group to confirm the rosters for the Balanced teams, and recommend appropriate team placement with the BAYS leagues. While the goal of the team selection process is to achieve consensus, in the absence of consensus the coordinator will make the final decision.


The Tryout Process
Players play in series of 4 vs 4 small-sided and regular format games. The small-sided games are designed to maximize the number of times each player interacts with the ball. This format also puts a premium on ball control. The small-sided games are followed by "regular format" games, either 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8 depending on player age. During both phases of the tryouts, evaluators rate player performance while observing the players in these game situations.

Players interested in trying out as goalkeepers should identify themselves on tryout nights – goalkeepers will be evaluated collectively at some point during the session. Goalkeeping candidates should try out with the understanding that goalies placed on a Select team will be expected to willingly play in goal for at least 50% of each game.

On the Day of Tryouts, Your Player Should:
* Arrive 15-20 mins before their scheduled tryout to register and warm up.
* Wear cleats, shin pads and training gear.They should NOT wear WYSA or club team shirts.
* Bring a water bottle and a ball (with their name on them).
* Collect two numbered, different-colored shirts when registering which they should keep with them throughout the tryouts.
* Be ready to play and have fun.
* Work hard for the entire tryout.
* Let the evaluators know if they are interested in playing as goalie.


On the Day of Tryouts, Parents Should:
* Arrive 15-20mins eary to DROP OFF your player, allow them time to register and warm up.
* Encourage them to have fun.
* Remind them to let the evaluators know if they are interested in playing as goalie.
* Return at the designated finish time to pick them up.
* Try NOT to ask them how they did (they usually dont know). The weight of your hopes/expectations can weigh heavily on a kid.
* Ask them if they had FUN instead.


REGISTRATION - is OPEN Nov 1st to Dec 31st
All players who register for travel soccer before the registration deadline will be placed on a team. Players who chose not to attend tryouts, or are not selected to play for a 'Select' team, but are registered before Dec 31st will automatically be placed on a 'Balanced' team.

Players who register late will be placed on the Waitlist and assigned to teams on a first-come, first-served basis, as space allows. They will also be assessed a non-refundable late fee.


What is a Balanced Travel Team?
Any registered player who did not tryout, was not picked for one of the Select travel teams, or did not feel comfortable with the commitment of a Select travel team, will be placed on a Balanced travel team. All players who are available will be divided up based on a draft process, teams will be made, and we will place these teams in the BAYS travel league in a division/section that they will be able to compete and thrive. Due to the size and depth of the league, the players will be challenged and have fun playing at a level at which they can compete.


Announcement of Player Placements
Players will not be notified of their placements until well after the Fall Soccer Season has been completed. Typically players will receive notification of their placement (via posting on this website) by the end of the first week in January. Some teams will have a coach already in place while WYSA will work through the Winter to find coaches for others. Players can expect to be contacted by their coach by mid March.


* Registration is OPEN at
* Players MUST be registered (by noon on the day before the tryouts) to tryout for a Select team.
* All players who wish to be considered for one of the Select teams MUST attend tryouts.
* It is NOT necessary to attend tryouts to be placed on a Balanced team; all a parent needs to do is register his/her child for the program. Placement on a balanced team for those registered by Dec 31st is automatic.
* If your player CANNOT tryout on the assigned date for their age group, due to injury or a major conflict, please notify the appropriate Boys or Girls Travel Director, and their current coach IN ADVANCE.
* Tryouts are DROP OFF only.


BAYS Team Placement
Teams will be placed in BAYS Divisions for the upcoming season based on past performance, the recommendation of the Travel Directors and BAYS own evaluations over previous the 10 week season. Our goal is to place each team in league with teams of similar commitment, ability and skills.
BAYS goal is to have each team play to a .500 record. To this extent, they will preiodically move teams up or down midseason to keep them challenged appropriately.


Number of Teams in each Age Group
The number of teams at each age-group is determined by how many players register for that age-group, as well as the number of volunteer coaches that offer to help. To this extent, the size of each team's roster can vary. Ideally, we limit the number of players to allow teams to offer each player substantial playing time.


Volunteer Coaches
WYSA depends upon parents to volunteer as coaches. If you think you might be interested, we encourage you to start coaching in our Intown program. But, please don't be reluctant to volunteer, even if you're not athletic and know nothing about soccer. Many of our most successful coaches never played soccer and are learning the sport along with their children!

Of course, because most of our volunteer coaches are not professional educators or soccer players, occasionally some parents feel their children are not receiving the best soccer instruction. If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest you pick up a book on soccer, come to a coaches' clinic, and volunteer your services. We can always use assistant coaches, and you will quickly discover the joy of watching the children improve their skills under your guidance.

WYSA will assist coaches who are taking or have completed licensing courses. You can contact the Administrator for more information about licensing courses.

Keep in mind that WYSA engages the services of professional coaches to provide support services for players and coaches of all WYSA teams, both Intown and Travel teams.