Walpole Youth Soccer is an all VOLUNTEER Organization - with over 100 volunteers supporting over 1,000 players each year. FIRST - a big THANK YOU to all those who are volunteering and helping out the players. If you are not volunteering, jump aboard - we can use the help.

Our goal is 100% volunteerism from soccer parents - you can do allot or a little. And if you have not helped out this week - PLEASE HELP DO SOMETHING THIS WEEK - that makes the kids soccer experience better — this week - even something as simple as emptying the trash cans when they get more than 1/2 full, picking up trash/water bottles on the field left behind by the kids & parents, keep the kids from climbing on the goals, walk the fields before the game and picking up any rocks/sticks or trash on the fields, if the parking lot gets very crowded - direct traffic - ask your child’s coach if you can help him/her in any way [bring oranges, be a 2nd adult at practice, anything], take pictures of the game and let us know so we can post them for the kids. You will enjoy helping out, all the existing volunteers will appreciate the extra help, the kids will have a better experience. THANK YOU in advance.

If you would like to become a more formal volunteer and help with coaching, field cleanup, field painting, safety [field, goal & parking] , fundraising, snackbar, jamboree - please let us know - we sure could use the help. While the programs we offer are all soccer related - the kids learn allot more - team commitment, teamwork, how to be park of a group, working together towards a goal, and have allot of fun along the way.

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas on how to make the program better for the players, especially if you would like to help make it better by volunteering - do not hesitate to send me any comments, suggestions or ideas at mailto:mgallivan@walpolesoccer.org Mark Gallivan for the WYSA Board.