Fall 2017 - Group Training Nights with the Revs

Group Training Night with the REVS for the Fall 2017 season will run midweek for our travel-team age groups (3rd Grade and older) at Mylod fields under the supervision of the New England Revolution coaches. They are designed to help players improve their individual technical skills, and use those skills in play within small groups in a game-like environment.

Group Night Training schedule for Fall 2017
Mondays; 3rd Grade teams
Tuesdays; 4th Grade teams
Wednesdays; 5th Grade teams
Thursdays; 6th Grade teams
Fridays; 7/8th grade teams (at Ellis)

The sessions are an hour and fifteen minutes in duration. Boys and girls run separately.

For the Fall 2017 season:
* Boys will run from 4:15 - 5.30 p.m.
* Girls will run from 5.30 - 6.45 p.m.

These times will be moved as the season progresses to allow for sufficient daylight.

All travel team coaches are asked to bring their team to their age group's designated practice night, use a Revs curriculum (provided in advance) and to lead their players through a practice - helping improve each player’s technical play - with the support of the Revs coaches.

Coaches may then sign up for a second team-specific practice – and may chose to continue to work on those skills, or tactical/team issues at their discretion.

The purpose is to improve the experience for players and coaches alike. Coaches do not need to develop a practice plan, but will be able to review the evening’s plan in advance (including online videos), and the players will learn skills, terminology and tactics as part of a natural progression.

Walpole team coaches (or assistant coaches) need to attend the Group Night practice and run their team through the curriculum. The REVS coaches are not there to do it for us, but to step in and demonstrate or offer guidance whenever helpful. Please arrive a few minutes early for Group Night to get set up and make full use of their expertise.