Tryouts for Fall 2018 Travel Soccer

All players wishing to tryout for (Fall 4th grade and older) Select travel teams MUST be registered 24hrs prior to their tryout and MUST attend their tryout.

The following NEW dates are planned for tryouts the Fall 2018 teams, planned to be held at Mylod Fields;

Mon June 11th
4.30-6pm (current) 3rd grade Boys
6.30-8pm (current) 3rd grade Girls

Tue June 12th
4.30-6pm (current) 4th grade Boys
6.30-8pm (current) 4th grade Girls

Wed June 13th
4.30-6pm (current) 5th grade Boys
6.30-8pm (current) 5th grade Girls

Thu June 14th
4.30-6pm (current) 6 & 7th grade Boys
6.30-8pm (current) 6 & 7th grade Girls

Fri June 15th
Possible makeup date for weather.

Mon June 18th
4.30-6pm (current) 6 & 7th grade Boys - Call backs
6.30-8pm (current) 6 & 7th grade Girls - Call backs

There are a significant number of concerts/recitals/camps/dinners/dances etc this Spring. Every effort has been made to avoid conflicts, but if you are aware of an event that will prevent a number of players from participating, please let one of the board members know as soon as possible.

Registration for the 'Fall Only' 2018 season and the full year soccer (the combined 'Fall 2018/Spring 2019' seasons option which benefits from our full-year discount) will open on May 1st and remain open until June 30th for all players going into 4th Grade through 8th Grade this Fall. After June 30th, Registration moves to 'Waitlist Status' - players on the waitlist will be placed on rosters IF and when openings are available, and a late fee is charged. Registration is available through - in the upper left hand corner of the home page.

Younger players - those going into 3rd Grade (and younger) in the Fall will have longer to register, as their teams do not need to be registered with the BAYS travel league. The date Registration moves to Waitlist Status for players going into 3rd grade is Aug 1st. For those players going into Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade this Fall, Registration goes to Waitlist Status on Aug 15th.

All players entering the 4th grade (and older) this Fall are encouraged to attend our tryouts. Those players not wishing to be considered for a Select team do not NEED to attend tryouts, but we encourage them to participate anyway. They simply need to register by the June 30th registration deadline to be placed on a team. There is no cost to attend the tryouts, players that participate are given our (highly coveted) tryout shirts and can enjoy more time playing soccer with their friends!

Full Year registration discount
We suggest that players register for the combined 'Fall & Spring' option to benefit from our 2 season discount - families can elect to sign their players up for the Fall and Spring seasons separately (each season is priced individually), but by registering upfront for both seasons we offer a significant discount (eliminates a huge amount of volunteer's time needed to reprocess teams and re-register players and teams with the league). We do not offer this discount for players that play in the Fall and then subsequently register for the Spring season.

Full tryout details available at - under the Tryouts link listed under the Programs menu listed at the top of the homepage.

There will be a Parent Information Meeting night - for parents wishing to learn more about the tryout process - prior to the tryouts commencing, location/time details to follow shortly.
Players are asked to arrive 15 minutes early for their tryout to register, and wear shorts, cleats, shin pads and bring water and a ball to warm up. They will be provided 2 numbered shirts for the tryouts. Players should NOT wear tryout shirts from prior seasons as this can cause confusion.
Tryouts are drop off only. We ask all parents to return 10 minutes before the end of their player’s session for pick up.
Teams will be created based on coach’s evaluations from the prior season(s) and the results of the tryouts. Tryouts themselves only constitute a portion of the decision making. Other factors in determining the number of teams include the number of players registered, number of volunteer coaches and slots in the league.
Current 3rd grade parents – please be sure to register your players NOW! Spots for travel soccer in the 4th grade is restricted by the BAYS league’s registration system. You need to be registered before the June league deadline to play.
Current 6th & 7th grade parents – Decisions about blending players onto teams from each grade (for Fall U14 soccer) will not be made until the number of players and depth of competitiveness has been determined. We will use a ‘call back night’ to determine the best composition of teams and players. We will endeavor to keep everyone playing with friends from their grade, while providing opportunities for teams to plays as competitively as reasonable.