NEW - Discount for Volunteer Coaches

WYSA is an all-volunteer organization. We strive to provide an opportunity for the youngsters of Walpole to experience soccer, exercise regularly, develop self esteem and leadership skills as well as the nuances of teamwork, communication and healthy competition. To help our kids master the skills of the game (and enjoy it more as a result) we hire professional coaches to help both our players and our volunteer coaches.

In an effort to encourage parents to volunteer as coaches and also an opportunity to reduce the cost of playing, we are offering a 50% credit for those parents who volunteer to coach (or assistant coach). The credit will be applied at the end of the season, and is available for any future family member registration (whether it be another season of soccer, Summer Youth Camp or our HS Fitness Camps).

Volunteer Coaches (or Assistant Coaches) do not need any experience. They will be provided support and a curriculum from our hired professional coaches and our own 'veteran coaches'. Volunteers will need to complete the requisite 4v4, 7v7 online training as well as Concussion/CORI/Safe Sports registration.

If you have an interest, either add a comment to your player's registration OR let one of our current coaches or Directors know. WYSA expects it's coaches to demonstrate good behavior and a positive example for players and their families alike.