1st & 2nd Grade - NOTE midweek clinic

The 1st and 2nd Grade program is an In-Town program consisting of skills clinics, supervised by the New England Revolution coaches and followed by games. At this age level the Boys and Girl’s programs are held separately.

Midweek Clinic
We also offer a second day of practice/skills for the 1st and 2nd grade (Boys & Girls):
The REV’s coaches will be putting on a 1 hour midweek skills session for six weeks-this will help the kids get a second day of touches on the ball and help prepare them for the week (Sunday) ahead. We will be having some of the coaches assist weekly in the hour long skills session:

The 6-week session times are expected to be as follows:

5PM-6PM-Mondays- 1st grade boys
6PM-7PM-Mondays- 1st grade girls
5PM-6PM-Tuesdays- 2nd grade boys
6PM-7PM-Tuesdays- 2nd grade girls

All REV coaching sessions are expected to take place at Mylod or Fisher School (decision early in the new year)

The regular Spring 2019 program will run on SUNDAYS at Mylod fields, beginning Sun Apr 7th and continuing through Jun 9th (skipping Memorial Day weekend). The programs are expected to run at the following times:
1st and 2nd grade Girls: noon - 1:00 pm
1st and 2nd grade Boys: 3.00 - 4:00 pm

Team Rosters and Field Assignments will be sent out by the individual coaches.

Each week your player should bring;
*their reversible shirt (provided on Sun of week 1)
*shin pads
*size 3 ball- with their name on it
*re-useable water bottle-with their name on it
*weather appropriate clothing

Please check the website each week for weather / field updates before heading to the fields.

Please let us know if you have any questions
Thank you
Kellee Senic (1st & 2nd Grade Girls Coordinator) kelleeanne3@yahoo.com
Kristin Torressen (1st & 2nd Grade Boys Coordinator) ktorressen@outlook.com