Field Status

Fall 2014 Teams Announced

Please find the Fall 2014 BAYS travel teams for ages U10 to U14 listed in the attachments below.

All players who registered for travel soccer before the registration deadline have been placed on a team. Some teams will have a coach already in place while WYSA will work through the summer to find coaches for others. Players can expect to be contacted by their coach by early August.

The number of teams at each age-group is determined by how many players register, the number of players needed (different size teams play at each age group ie U10 teams play 6 versus 6, while U11 & U12 teams play 8v8 and U14 teams play 11v11 games), as well as the number of volunteer coaches that offer to help. To this extent, the size of each team's roster can vary. Ideally, we limit the number of players to allow teams to offer each player substantial playing time.

Teams will be placed in BAYS Divisions for the upcoming season based on past performance, the recommendation of the Travel Directors and BAYS own evaluations from the previous season. Our goal is to place each team in league with teams of similar commitment, ability and skills.
BAYS goal is to have each team play to a .500 record. To this extent, they will periodically move teams up or down midseason to keep them challenged appropriately.

WYSA depends upon parents to volunteer as coaches. If you think you might be interested, we encourage you to start coaching in our Intown program. But, please don't be reluctant to volunteer, even if you're not athletic and know nothing about soccer. Many of our most successful coaches never played soccer and are learning the sport along with their children!

Of course, because most of our volunteer coaches are not professional educators or soccer players, occasionally some parents feel their children are not receiving the best soccer instruction. If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest you pick up a book on soccer, come to a coaches' clinic, and volunteer your services. We can always use assistant coaches, and you will quickly discover the joy of watching the children improve their skills under your guidance.

WYSA will assist coaches who are taking or have completed licensing courses. You can contact the Administrator for more information about licensing courses.

Keep in mind that WYSA engages the services of professional coaches to provide support services for players and coaches of all WYSA teams, both Intown and Travel teams.


* Players MUST be have been registered (by noon on the day before the tryouts) to tryout for a Select team.
* All players who wish to be considered for one of the Select teams MUST attend tryouts.
* It was NOT necessary to attend tryouts to be placed on a Balanced team; all a parent needs to do is register his/her child for the program prior to the registration dealine. Placement on a balanced team is automatic.
* If your player COULD NOT tryout on the assigned date for their age group, due to injury or a major conflict, they were asked to notify the appropriate Boys or Girls Travel Director, and their current coach IN ADVANCE.
* Evaluations were based on each player's season-long review by their coaches from the prior season, as well as the results of their individual tryouts. Greater weight is given to the season long evaluations.

What if I think my player was deserving of a higher placement level?:
Walpole Youth Soccer strives to fairly and objectively place each of our 1,000+ players on a team appropriate for his/her competitive level. We do our best to ensure that each player has an opportunity to play at a level at which they are competitive and comfortable, within the confines of our total numbers enrolled, the size/balance of teams at each age group and the league format that we play within. WYSA understands that player placement is not an exact science and that it is impossible to please everyone with its decisions. Players unhappy with their placement are encouraged to continue playing and develop with their assigned teams. Players will have the opportunity to earn a higher team placement at the following year’s tryout. A disappointing placement can be utilized as an opportunity to teach young people how to persevere in the face of adverse circumstances.

What is the policy on playing with your age group v. “playing up”?:
Players in BAYS are divided into age groups from 8/1 to 7/31 each year. Players are expected to play with their grade. Exceptions occur when a player is too old to play with their grade. Under BAYS bylaws, they may be required to play on an older team.

A player that is young within their school grade CAN play with their grade and it is not considered “playing up”.

What should I do if the coach hasn’t contacted me by the middle of August?:
Please feel free to contact the WYSA Boys or Girls Travel Director, or a board member, if the team coach has not contacted you by the middle of August. It might simply be that your contact info was not communicated clearly. Whatever the case may be the your Boys and Girls Travel Directors will want to help players and coaches get on the same page.